All I wanted in life was someone to love. Solitude
Was my only friend and though we had become
Comfortable with one another, it was not enough.
I just wanted someone to dream with, to share with,
To grow with, to sleep with. What was left of my
Humanity was screaming for the touch of another.
And then you came.
I had no idea how to dream, what to share, how to
Grow; only sleep I knew well. Why did I yearn so for
Love when I had no capacity to love fully in return? Oh, I do
Love you, but it has become apparent that what I want
And what I am capable of are foreign entities. You love me, and in
Truth, though my tenderness is guarded and my
Expressions flat, you never ask for more. Is this love?
Accepting that to love, you may not receive as much in return?
How sad.
Yet, to be true, not as sad as solitude.

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