You Rescued Me

You took me in when I was broken; bound me up with soft words spoken
Healed my pain with a gentle touch; held me tight when it was too much
Dried my tears with your velvet hair; showed me just how much you cared
You offered hope when I had none; warmed me better than the sun
Sheltered me when I was alone; whispered words I’d never known
You took away the worst of me, filled my life with ecstasy
You gave to me the best of you; offered up a world restored and new
Gave to me so many chances; overlooked my circumstances
Lifted me beyond the stars; and now look where we are
I had built myself a one room home and dared to live there all alone
No windows out from which to see; a lonely, empty destiny
You tore it down and rescued me; unlocked my soul and set me free.

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