Letting Go

Slip away my son, your night has come
As this day unwinds the sorrow
And do not fear the bells you hear
They ring a bright tomorrow

See the stars above, shining bright, my love
It reveals a path for you
Take one step to be heaven bound and free
Your spirit’s been renewed

It has been my boy, the utmost joy
To hold and love you true
If I must let go, you must surely know
How proud I am of you.

Take my hand my dear, and feel me near
Let go these earthly hollows
Feel the light within as you ascend
And know that I will follow

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

    1. You have no idea how special that comment is at this particular time. It has been an incredibly difficult year for me. I am Not sure if you are aware, but this was the year my wife and I divorced. it has been a very painful those supportive and loving journey. and I’ve been lost in it. 18 years and I know you see reflecting in my writing a desperate search for me to find meaning in all of this. but then I think about you, about all that you have lost, about how brave you have handled it both privately and publicly. I don’t want to make an ass out of myself for my writing. you and I have known each other online for several years. Please… Let me know when my writing becomes self indulgent. call me on it. I know that you enjoy what I write. But I respect you and your opinions. I don’t need my ego soothed. I need a friend and you have always been that friend. Thank you and I love you.


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