Be Still My Love

Be still my love.

There now, can you hear it?

within the shadows
of our mingled selves,
softly rising
upon the rhythms of our breath.

Rest now, sweet angel of love.
Lie spent upon my breast
and listen;
surrender to the
symphony of our souls.

Feel your senses
to the chords
of desire’s keyboard;
delicate fingers
upon colored notes
within the crimson chambers
of our dream-soaked hearts.

Hear the song
muted passion sirens
lilting lightly across
the dim-lit chasms
of our melded minds;
musical interludes
in sigh-minor.

See the trees
laughing willows of lust
sweeping low over
our embrace;
bending sensuously to us
in morning’s whispered light.

Taste the waters
melting fantasies
washing over our
quenched, naked forms,
cascading into deep pools
of ecstasy.

Smell the frangrance
desires fully blossomed
with petals of relief
falling, simply drifting
from the branches
or our love.

Touch the ribbons
colors blending
behind love-clenched eyelids;
blinding pastel visions,
stretching, softly binding
soul to soul
in evening’s brief rapture.

Sleep deep, my love.

Carry this lullaby
your hazy slumber, and rest.
In the cool, gray light
of morning
we will write another.

7 thoughts on “Be Still My Love

    1. Okay…it’s time!

      I propose we write a poetic tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. This would be a big challenge and it won’t be easy. But I want this effort to be epic and I think you have the talent to pull this off. What do you think? I know it isn’t whimisical like our last, and it needs to convey compassion, love, and ethos…but I promise you, when we are finished, you will have tapped into a whole new stream of poetic consciousness. And you and I will, in all sensitivity, have fun working together once more. Up for the challenge?



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