Do You Remember…

Do you remember…

our first walk along the beach?
I didn’t think you would ever stop laughing
as the tide rushed in and out
to tickle your naked ankles,
and I, caught up in an impossible tangle
of seaweed tumbled absurdly into the
cold, frothing surf.

I sat there, sheepishly, looking up into
your smiling eyes and there,
beneath the screaming gulls and the hot summer sun,
I pulled you to me.

Do you remember…

all those lazy, late night strolls
beneath the star-flecked winter skies?
We would hold hands like innocent children
sharing the warmth of our closeness
and the shared heat of not so innocent thoughts.

I would steal a teasing glance
to catch the moonlight weaving silver strands
of light in your wind-swept hair.
You would catch me…and smile,
shyly pretending not to notice.

Do you remember…

our Sunday morning breakfasts in bed?
Was it just by accident, or guile,
that our eyes would lock above
the steaming rims of our coffee cups?
Then, being far too hungry to eat,
we would dive beneath the summer quilts
to satisfy our deeper desires!

Do you remember…

the little things I used to meticulously plan
just to coax the wonder from you liquid eyes?
The love notes tucked so obviously beneath your pillow;
the chilled fruit and cheap apricot brandy after
a hot night of fevered love;
the bubble gum stashed in your purse
for those days you insisted on being so serious?

But how could you remember?
I haven’t even met you yet.

Yet when I do, my love,
have I got some memories for you!

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