One Star

You and I
are touched by one star.

Wherever we are
we stand together in one light
which no depth or height or distance
can ever dim.

Wherever we are
our light shines;
past time and space
past flesh to thought,
we feel its power.

Wherever we go
the day will dawn
and the star will appear;
for we are children to this light
and it fosters our childhood dreams.

In its light, we have found ways
to heal, to bind up,
to tear down the feeble structures
of fear and hate
carelessly constructed within us.

You and I
are touched by one star.

In its glowing embrace
we find our true selves;
we find our peace.

Today we may stand alone,
be we stand strong.
Through the corridors of our courage
we have helped one another
discover those eternal lines
of love within ourselves;
our birthright discovered because

You and I are
touched by one star.

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