The Writer’s Struggle

A writer never sleeps at night:
his dreams are all revisions –
when dark descends he’s lost within 
a hopeless indecision.

In love or rage the empty page 
remains a voiceless vision –
The words won’t come until he’s sprung 
from inspiration’s prison!

Frustrated sage, the pen is raised…
but nothing is forthcoming;
the ink he spills refuses still 
to transcend his shortcomings.

A prayer is tossed, but still he’s lost 
and soon the sun will rise –
He tries again, then drops his pen,
and finally shuts his eyes!

In full stagnation, his imagination 
has given up the quest –
He soon resigns to fate’s design
and lays down for a rest.

In spent repose, with both eyes closed
the taunting muse descends,
And whispers clear within his ear
“Get up! Begin again!”

And so it goes, the author knows:
it never gets much lighter!
The battle waged to fill a page 
consumes most every writer.

4 thoughts on “The Writer’s Struggle

  1. I find myself making comments often about how much we, as writers, write about writing. Normally, I relate to the pieces (obviously) but am rarely impressed by them (there are, afterall – so many to choose from!). This one is brilliant, though. I really loved it. Your diction and rhythm were flawless – I did not feel that any of the lines were contorted to fit into your structure, which is an accomplishment with a piece in as strict a form as this one. Your first line was my favorite – dreams are all revisions indeed!


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