You Decide

Seasons change, the world revolves
On setting sun, the moon evolves

A star explodes, new worlds are born
A birth exalted, a death is mourned

A nation rises, another sets
New love rejoices, old love regrets

The tide rolls in, and out again
Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win

A battle won, a war is lost
Some live for free, some pay the cost

An eagle soars, a starling dies
We hope for vision, we close our eyes

Some have homes, some walk alone
A forest burns, new seed is sown

A child laughs, another cries
Sometimes the truth, more often lies

So much to love, so much to hate
Some step up, some hesitate

Whether ying, or perhaps yang
It’s either nothing, or some great thing

The choice is ours, it’s plain to see
Some choose death, some destiny.

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