Hopeful Journey

The sun reveals a thousand paths
for each a new direction
A desperate journey now begun
With measured circumspection

I do not know my destination
It truly doesn’t matter
Belief and hope instills in me
A faith that can’t be shattered

I wander and I move on still
With sure and bold conviction
Often lost, I never stop
To contemplate revision

I’ve hope and dreams abundantly
To lift the darkest veil
And deep within my crimson heart
New passion starts to swell

Each day unwinds with certainty
My journey paves the way
The peace I seek has yet to come
I continue on my way

A thousand miles, a thousand more
My quest will set me free
With every step I contemplate
The next that lies before me

My journey, though, is not complete
So often times infernal
This Life it seems a mystery
My passage is eternal

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