Until the Day I am None

You’ve given your heart
to my gentle care,
You’ve opened my eyes
and made me aware.
That after the darkness
comes radiant light,
In trusting in love,
our dreams may take flight.
I sometimes get lost,
but you always persist;
You’ve such faith in our love,
how can I resist?
Though sometimes I fail you,
I will persevere
I’ll never give up,
our hearts are too near
To hold and protect you
is all that I cherish
And I’ll love you until
the day that I perish
You’ve taught me to trust
in the things I can’t see
You’ve sacrificed all,
and you’ve given to me
New hope for the present
and future vision
Removing all doubts
and my last indecision
If I fail to thank you
for all that you given
I pray my failure
will too be forgiven
For all that I am,
and might yet become
I pledge to you now,
till the day I am none.

4 thoughts on “Until the Day I am None

  1. heartofbella

    that was beautiful. Who ever the lucky lady is she is probably grinning with pure joy to read such lovely words. A woman always wants those words said to her….you did a great job. This wasn’t even for me, but I’m smileing. 🙂


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