Ocean Walk

Silver threads woven through midnight skies.
Shooting stars as the white crane flies
Cool autumn winds and the moon’s reflection
Shallow tide pools inviting full inspection

The ocean roars and rolls cascading
White foam shorelines, slowly fading
Footprints, mine, wet and dissolving
Deep in thought, me, a life evolving

Have I lived the life I was meant to live?
Did I take what was offered, did I offer to give?
Have I fought for the causes that helped to free men,
Or did I justify excuses time and again?

Did I love to my fullest, did I offer my heart,
Did I honor my word, or just play the part?
Have I sacrificed joy for immediate thrills,
Was I too vain, or humble, did I help to cure ills?

Did I live a life worthy, will others be proud,
Will I be buried alone or there with the crowd?
All these and more are the questions I pose
These really aren’t mysteries for me to suppose

The Sun now is rising, with fingers of light
The end of reflection, the end of the night
I turn with my back to the blue ocean swell
I’ve very few answers, and that’s just as well

Life is for living, and there is no exception
We aren’t meant to dwell in such introspection
The truth is unfolding, and this much is true
I’ve plenty days left, and too much to do.

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