For You, I Have Done These Things

I have smoothed out the waters
Stilled the heaving winds and quieted the seagulls
All that I might whisper into your ear,
“I love you”

I have straightened the roads
Leveled the mountains and filled the valleys
All that we might walk together, forever
Without tiring.

I have conjured the angels
Restrung their harps, and led them in chorus
All that you might hear heavenly symphonies
While you slept.

And all that I ask of you, want of you, need of you –
Is for you to know you are loved
And that you have shelter in me.

For you, I have done these things.
Because of you, I can do these things.
And without you, there is nothing I can do, or say
That would make anything worth doing, or saying.

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