Falling Dust

That I could walk in peace, though past sins grieved,
Or look upon the morning sun with relative ease.
My path is writ in time sharpened stones, and
I cannot find my way back home; indeed found
Lost amidst the bitter fog of yesterday’s deeds.
I cried out loud, will forgiveness descend, or strike
Me now my bitter end, and none did hear but the
Raven’s caw; portend my shame and final fall.
Oh, that I could rewind and once again live as though
Merciful God would kindly give; but He would not,
And time is waning. My downward spiral is near complete
And draws now deep and final sleep. I shall not waken to
Tomorrow’s light, I cannot make what’s wrong now right.
And so my words, as sure they must
Eulogize me, as falling dust.

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