Eulogy of Despair

A fog of defeat envelopes my feet;
I am hobbled by my own false steps.
Aimlessly I’ve wandered, a life mostly squandered
Upon roads I have paved in regret.
Awash in addiction, my life’s predilection
Was always toward numbing the pain –
A failure to cope with the absence of hope
Now leaves me with nothing to gain.
With each labored breath, I contemplate death
And the comfort that darkness portends
All meaning eludes me, my sins now preclude me
From offering empty amends.
These words that I write do most bitterly bite –
A eulogy composed in my shame;
My anger now melts for the hand I was dealt;
I have only myself left to blame.
The hour descends that foreshadows my end
All my woes now be tucked into bed
Please, do not deny her this final desire –
The earth reaches up for her dead.

2 thoughts on “Eulogy of Despair

  1. Very nice piece. You put a lot of work put into it.
    On the other side of the coin, I hope that it only reflects your past experiences and not your current situation. You are not alone! One step at a time, and one day at a time, it gets better.


  2. Oh, how dark and painful! You know that a poem is good when you manage to impact the reader’s mood. I was happy before I read it, and now I’m gloomy. Reminds me of Ingmar Bergman’s movies.


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