I Am What I Am

Keep me close, push me away.
I’m a lover, I’m a stray.
I’m the poison in your veins,
Sickly sweet and bitter remains
I’m the watcher in the night,
Reaping pleasure from your fright.
Casting shadows of deceit,
I’m the friend from down the street.
Treat me kindly, cast me down.
I’m a herald, I’m a clown.
I’m the wisdom of the crowd,
Wrapped up tightly in my shroud.
I’m the emptiness in your soul,
Brimming full of things you stole.
Made of only what you lack,
I’m the weight settled on your back.
Hold me gently, wring my neck.
I’m a cherub, I’m a wreck.
I’m the chance that no one takes,
With all the answers to your aches.

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