Three Seasons of Life

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In the youngest years, there is fear and pain

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In the middle years, there is ecstasy, laughter,
hope, promise. happiness, delight, pleasure, bliss,
confidence, optimism, courage, faith, joy, desire,
hopefulness, buoyancy, brightness, anticipation,
choice, sex, cheerfulness, and contentment.

Old woman

In the final years, there is fear and pain.

7 thoughts on “Three Seasons of Life

      1. Sorry if my words hurts you. I didn’t mean so. My grandma died due to cancer & I know how much suffering life holds. But I just want to see the brighter side & also want other see it too.
        If there is night there is day also . If there is bad there is good also & if there is darkness of pain & suffering there is hope of light also.


    1. It would be great. Guess I wrote this because at 53, I’m geting a little scared that I have one toe into the final stages and I’m feeling a bit…lost. My wife, Kerri and I don’t have children (her choice) and my writing is increasingly becoming the only record I’ll leave behind that I existed at all. Ignore me, for the most part, I just suffer from anxiety disorder and it colors my work.


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