One Foot in the Grave


pressed beneath the broken bones of solitude
stumbling drunk within intoxicated wavy parallels
of self-derision and unbridled rage against lost time
a shattered vessel of my mother’s dreams
absent when the arch of forgiveness bends mercifully
over purpose-broken and diminished men
my unwinding days a gentle push toward the grave
with nothing left to secure my grasp
pulled asunder by the wrath of fallen angels
when the shadows of my sins, like a burial shroud
wraps me tightly, a corpse descending
into the darkened void of eternal sleep.
this, then is my slow descent; tossed upon a funeral pyre
engulfed within damnation’s perpetual flame
condemned for lack of conviction as the cold winds
of judgment kick up and scatter my weightless ashes

2 thoughts on “One Foot in the Grave

  1. amazing writing…visually descriptive…excellent photo to accompany your poetry! …life can be wretched at times–but there is eternal HOPE…i think your writing is REAL…and it reflects pain and sadness…and when we experience the extreme…we know there is the other side of the coin…and we are invited to believe in our inner goodness no matter what we have done or what time we have lost…


    1. I truly value your opposing view regarding the goodness of life. For myself, however, the crush of human apathy and indifference toward the brutal suffering of its “least” brethren forms my worldview and instructs my writing. I know there is goodness out there…I truly do. I see it descend upon the more fortunate, while yet millions suffer in despair and agonizing isolation. For myself, I no longer really give a damn. I’ve been shot, stabbed, robbed, and violated in a thousand ways that more than fill one lifetime of despair. If there is goodness in my life, it is only there to mock the other 99.9% of my existence so far. I’ve seen others (Sandy Hook comes to mind) who have seen their human potential snuffed out by either extreme violence, (human against human), or simply ground to dust by the merciless millstone of life. I am happy for you..I sincerely am. .I just can’t join you at that particular table. Enjoy the fruits of this “goodness”, but never forget that even more of your brethren have never known such feel-good promise in their lives.and never will.


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