In Memory of Vicky



This poem is dedicated to my dear friend “tersiaburger”
In memory of her beloved daughter, Vicky.


You and I
are touched by one star.

Wherever you are
we stand together in one light
which no depth or height or distance
can ever dim.

Wherever you are
your light shines;
past time and space
past flesh to thought,
I feel your power.

Wherever you go
the day will dawn
and the star will appear;
for you are a child of this light
and it fosters your heavenly dreams.

In this light, I have found ways
to heal, to bind up,
to tear down the feeble structures
of fear of your absence has
carelessly constructed within me.

You and I
are touched by one star.

In its glowing embrace
we find our true selves;
we find our peace.

Today I may stand alone,

missing you with all my heart
be I stand strong.
Through the corridors of our courage
you have helped me to
discover those eternal lines
of love within myself;
my birthright discovered because

Vicky and I are
touched by one star.


9 thoughts on “In Memory of Vicky

  1. Dennis I am in tears! Thank you for honouring my precious child with your beautiful words!! Thank you; thank you; thank you! I don’thave words – only tears of gratitude and sorrow. Hugs!!


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  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    in a world of instant gratification
    its a wonderful moment to turn a corner and find such kindness
    written within heart language…what a beautiful tribute to immortalize
    a friendship….
    Thank you for sharing…….
    Take Care…


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