A Godly Silence



I speak to God in silent phrase
And offer up my heartfelt praise
Yet silence is His voice to me
He shows no earthly empathy

My prayers are but a silent wind
And I a storm that’s lost within
A body crushed beneath the weight
Of loss, regret, and certain fate

In slow descent, the spirit ebbs
Dead within this mortal dread
Yet silent still His saving grace
A void I feel within this place

No comfort shall I know this day
My God has simply slipped away
And in his place a dark despair
Hot ashes flowing everywhere

The pain increases even still
All that’s left is my free will
And so, I chose another path
Turning from His vengeful wrath

His Son was slowly crucified
So He might feel more sanctified
Though in the hour of my need
His sacrifice is lost on me.


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5 thoughts on “A Godly Silence

  1. O, Dennis, this breaks my heart. I’m reminded of what someone told me once – that we create God in our own image – expecting Him to be as we are. I see God through different eyes that others, because I am different. God always hears us, but all too often, we don’t hear Him. Even in that silence you speak of, His voice echoes through the solitary beating of your own heart. You may think you’ve taken a wrong path, and yet that path led you to write this…..so surely, it is the right path, that will eventually lead you to understanding (already I sense it is there). There have been times in my life where I felt distanced from that ‘presence’, but in retrospect, I realize (for me anyway), the person who was moving away was me. Be well and know peace my friend. ~ Much love ever, Bobbie

    PS – My apologies for what I do best – ramble. 🙂


    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Bobbie. I deeply respect your understanding and relationship with God. It is just not the God I know. It isn’t that I did not spend the better part of my life in silence, awaiting his presence. He either just doesn’t exist or truly doesn’t give a damn…and my evidence, the evidence of this world, points to the later. If he needs to play games…he can play them alone.


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