Fairy Tales



Rainbows are illusions –
There are no pots of gold,
And unicorns have never grazed
In emerald fields of old.

No knight in shining armor
Has ever rode a day
To save a damsel in distress
And carry her away.

Merlin the magician
Was a phony and a fraud –
King Arthur but a fiction tale
That causes one to nod.

Wizards are a special breed
Of fantasy it seems,
And magic castles little more
Than figments of our dreams.

And what of dragons long extolled;
Flying lizards breathing fire?
I do believe the product of
Some pathological liar.

There dwell no trolls beneath the bridge
To thwart it’s passage way –
Belief in goblins, ghouls, and ghosts
Has long since passed away.

Wicked witches have never flown
On gnarled brooms of straw,
And gypsies with their crystal balls
Is truth stretched much too far.

And yet, of all these fairy tales,
The hardest to believe?
This silly notion we call “Love”…
What utter fantasy!


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11 thoughts on “Fairy Tales

  1. Yes, you may be right but I see no problem in believing these fantastical creatures, even if it takes us away from reality, because they have the capability of making us happy.
    In my opinion, love isn’t a fairy tale sir. It is the ultimate truth..
    Am just putting forth my opinion.. Hope I am not offending you in any way.
    But a very well-written poem.. 🙂


    1. You did not offend my with your comment. This poem was a light hearted, whimsical piece. My only suggestion is that when reading such poetry, lighten up a bit. Not everything you read has to be analyzed with a critical eye. It’s just a fun poem.


  2. How cute! Your poetry that I’ve read before this, especially your last very sad poem, seems very intense. This light-hearted fun piece, made me smile! I think it was that you chose a fun approach to a fun dreamy subject.
    You have me searching for my inner poet…


    1. Brooke’s Sister,
      You mention searching for your inner poet. Have you stopped to consider that some of us are poets by words (me), and others are poets in the way they live life (you). You may very well be searching for something that is already a part of who you are in the beauty of how you live and love others (Brooke) I’d give up all of my writing to know the type of agape love that you experience with every breath you take. You are a poet, in its truest sense.


      1. That actually made me cry. In a good way, I assure you.
        Thank you, it’s the best compliment I have ever received from someone not living in my home.
        I will do my best to keep your words in mind whenever I doubt anything about myself.
        Thank you again for your kindness and beautiful way with words


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