“Just so you know, despite the darkness and despair of some of my poetry, here’s a glimpse of the more hopeful and soulful affirmation of my personality” Anyone laughs, I un-follow!

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You ask if love’s forever
A promise I can’t make
But if I could, or thought I should
I would not hesitate

I’d promise you forever
And then a day or two
If I were free to guarantee
Forever loving you

But promises are born of doubt
A doubt that’s seldom real
The love we know can only grow
In trusting what we feel

Yet, I’ll promise you this moment
If words can still your fears
Just hold me now and show me how
To love you through the years


6 thoughts on “Promises

  1. Oh, never mind the laughing gravatar! I’m not laughing. Truth: we do really need to teach each other how to love each other. Learning and growing is what it’s all about. Love you poem.


    1. Perhaps. I love your perspective and in truth concur…but when I wrote this poem, there was a need to re-learn and teach love. The object of this love was viciously abused in life and had no concept of how to love. Sometimes we have to be gentle and patient…and we have to teach. Thank you for reading my blog…I value your visit.


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