All The Love I Once Had…And Lost


I have no thought of future love
That’s a bridge I’m not ready to cross
I need time yet to heal
From the pain that I feel
For the love I once had…and lost

It’s not that I don’t feel the need
In truth, no need is greater
But unless I survive
What I’m feeling inside
I’ll have no need for later

Be patient with me, please understand
I’m not a man who’s made of stone
I’ll deal with tomorrow
When I’ve dealt with the sorrow
Of living today all alone

I’m not giving up on the future
I just have no time for the thought
Of loving again
While I’m still lost within
All the love I once had…and lost

12 thoughts on “All The Love I Once Had…And Lost

  1. Sometimes, our surroundings urge us so fiercly to feel again, a feeling at a timeline of their own or dictated by some book, while oblivious to what we carry and we plea for.
    Your poem is very touching, it’s plea and message are despite the topic at hand very gentle and they are a voice of love that will yet come to you, when you are ready.


  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    there are times when I wander in cyberspace I come to words that whisper deep into my mind….makes me remember another time…I lost…
    Beautiful full of emotion….
    Take Care…


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