In the story above, we are deposited in the comfort of a rocking chair on the porch of a small farmhouse in the rural fields of Pennsylvania, where we watch unfold  sacrifice and selflessness – true love – embodied in the tender gestures of a young girl. As told in the hauntingly beautiful words of  her devoted sister, from whom, no doubt, the younger sister learned her noble lessons. This is a must read. but when you are finished with this, there is more of this incredible love story at:

Brooke's Voice

Wild grass covers the small field, which is inclosed by a wooden fence, in front of our home. A dirt and gravel drive leads to a blacktop road that can not be seen from the wooden porch. Five chairs, two of them being the type that rock, are perfect places to find yourself for relaxation, conversation, or to view the day. Perched in the other piece of furniture, a wooden swing, the slight breeze sways me gently. Far across the field a shadow moves, the young mare lifts her head for a moment, then upon recognizing the shadows form returns to chewing natures gifts. As often is the case familiarity brings comfort and ease.

Making way through the pasture, from my location the shadow soon gains form. Sun glistens on golden hair, that hangs loosely beneath a worn derby. The bowler hat would be out of place to the scene…

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4 thoughts on “gifts

  1. Thank you for reblogging, this post is pretty special to me. You probably knew that because I mentioned her going fishing earlier.
    You are really kind to me and I’m grateful. Thank you, mostly for your friendship, but for everything.


      1. The intro made me cry.
        I can’t take credit for Brooke’s “nobility”, though I hopeful and glad to hear maybe a piece came from me.
        You continue to compliment me in ways that make me blush and feel loved. I’m honored and grateful.
        Dennis, you are an incredible writer. It makes all your kind words about me even more honoring. Mostly, you are a friend and good person. Thank you!


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