A Midnight Violation

I preface this poem with an apology should it provoke any memories in my dear readers of similar abuse. It is never my intention to cause pain.  On the contrary, I offer my love and compassion, and yes, my hope for healing by bringing into the light secrets that grow and fester in the dark. I dedicate this to my younger sisters, who I love and cherish dearly, for the countless midnights stolen from their innocence. And to all victims of this senseless abuse. There is love and hope beyond the pain ~ Dennis


Bathed in an ethereal light
this child has no skin in the game
yet her trust holds demands
she cannot bear.

The creak of her bedroom door
snatches the sleep from her eyes
and in the darkness, horror descends;
her pillow, once soft and warm,
betrays her and once under, now over,
muffles her surprise.

Beneath his weight, she dissipates –
her cries muffled in the night.
Her fright smothers – she gasps for air
and he’s still there, grinding her
fragile hips into dust.

God looks on, and in His fashion
does nothing to intervene;
a celestial voyeur.

Stuffed animals bolt to the floor
one after the other, and with them
descends lost innocence;
her face laced in spittle, and she’s so little.

He rolls over, spent and condemned
as blackness descends to fill her.
Nothing is as it seems, but not a dream.
Tears wash away the vision of
this violation.

He rises as she plummets;
this child painted with the smell of
cigarettes and cheap liquor.

Morning filters through frosted panes
but she finds no warmth in the rising sun.
They’ll be no accounting for this sin
and no childhood left within this shattered
shell of a child. A darkness, deeper than sleep,
envelopes her lost innocence, as the
morning’s breeze carries the cry of angels.

9 thoughts on “A Midnight Violation

    1. I have been there. But trust I have emerged and chosen to be in places and situations so much better. But I neither forget, though I have forgiven and set myself free of this evil. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


      1. My story sounds the same as you have described, except I believe you are admired for your strenght, while I am still living the raw aftermath of it. Writtings like yours, as weird as it may sound, actually helps me to find the strenght I need to keep believing in myself and my choices to get out.


  1. Yes, it brought back memories. Tons of them. But I have healed long ago and pray for anyone that experiences the same fate, through no choice of their own. It’s beautifully written and powerful. In my of my older posts as a child I wrote…What about me…same topic, different way of discussing it. Huge hugs


    1. Hugs back to you. I know you live in a different kind of pain today (physical) and we just don’t have enough life left, any of us, to reflect on the unfairness of it all. Bless you and much love.


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