The Trinity and Me

First they took my father,
then consumed my mother –
Without the slightest hesitance
They came and took another

My sister left in tender years
They left me naught but pouring tears
We’re promised today and not the other
So they came again and claimed my brother

I prayed they’d come for me one day
But here I stand with feet of clay
And this belies my ardent fear
They’ll not return for many years
Leaving me with nothing more
Than dreams of how it was before

How cruel and painful can they get
My day will come, but not just yet
And so I stand here all alone
With a wounded heart and an empty home

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
They’ve chained me to their whipping post
The Trinity it’s plain to see
Is all for One and none for me

13 thoughts on “The Trinity and Me

    1. You know, Kenzie…my life is not all sadness, loss, and pain. In fact, there is so much brightness in it at times its blinding. The family I’ve lost are part of me, they are in my DNA and dwell every day in the depths of my heart. I am not alone. Dry your eyes.


      1. I understand! Actually the painful part is important to the artist in you. Brooke, recently wrote to me that she needed to be dumped. Though she doesn’t even date the idea was a good heartbreak would lead to epic paintings and fine songs. What she doesn’t get is no one would ever leave her if they had a chance to be with her.
        Eyes are dry but the poem is quite moving.


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