At Last…Goodbye!

                                       Painting by Alan Hurley

Each word, a thousand times spoken
Each promise, another vow broken
like snowflakes melting as they hit the ground
your words fall coldly without a sound

Each kiss, from cold lips pressed
Each touch, just an icy caress
You hold me so tightly I can no longer breath
Your embrace insincere – I no longer believe

Each gesture, an empty illusion
Each thought, just a delusion
The love I once felt has turned to regret
And the best I can do is hope to forget

Each day, a waste of my giving
Each night, exhausted from living
With someone who hasn’t the vision to see me
I’ve opened my eyes, I just wish to be free

10 thoughts on “At Last…Goodbye!

  1. Great poem. Brooke is your biggest fan, she tells me your poetry and knowledge is that of poetry God. Had to share that because while I love your poems, she has classified you among the likes of Frost, Whitman and other poets of lore.
    I like that painting as well!


    1. Rhonda…I deeply appreciate you following my poetry. Your comments are validating and generous. Hope all is well in Alberta. I’ll not tell you about the oceans of California because that is too cruel.


      1. Lol. Well. I’m not much a fan of the images of California…tho I’ve never been there. But I certainly adore the rugged BC coast. Funny. I wrote a micro for twitter, this morning, about having no crave for California but desperately missing BC. Lol. Suddenly glad I did not hit publish. 🙂 since I’m fairly sure the unpublicized version of California is far better than the publicized one.


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