Einstein gave us relativity,
but failed to factor creativity!
His theorem’s certain, yet we are not
and mankind, therefore, slips the knot.
While science deigns to draw the curtain,
the power of love is all but certain.
Quantum physics, both here and there?
Mankind cannot be factored square!
String theory speaks to nature’s state,
while poets reveal our human grace.
Unification without the arts
is faulty from the very start!
There still remains the mystery
of how we simply came to be?
Big Bang theory explains the stars
but does not speak to why we are?
The paradigm begins to shift
When we factor in the artist’s gift…
Equations writ in bytes and bits
Cannot explain Beethoven’s fifth.
As so we argue with indignation
We only exist in our imagination!

9 thoughts on “E=MCreativity

    1. I am deeply touched by this. Thank you. As a matter of time management, I don’t accept awards, but I am grateful that you thought of me in this manner. Best wishes to you! ~Dennis


  1. This brings me back to that one night when two college friends and I stayed up till dawn discussing whether God existed, and if he did, whether he cared. One friend, raised Catholic, became an atheist, and the other started questioning her spirituality even more. The three of us were stunned by the inconsequentiality (yes, spell checker, that’s a word) of daily life, for all of 48 hours.


    1. College late night sessions were always my favorite. We all became philosophers, poets, and god-like in our dialogues. Glad you visited my blog. Cheers.



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