WAVES OF GRAVITY by Hastywords @ https://hastywords.wordpress.com/

Hastyword 1
Poet Hastywords

(My introduction to my dear friend’s beautiful poem)  Life is not linear.  It is a jagged road with no directional posts along the way to guide us.  Each step we take falls under the heading of self-determination.  But we all know there are moments…sometimes long moments that stretch into days, months, even years…where we stand completely still…lost in a fog of uncertainty about not only the next step…but whether there is any meaning in the journey at all.  My dear and treasured friend, Hastywords, captures so eloquently that shared moment of doubt…and eventual renewal.  This poem, Waves of Gravity,  moved me, and I know it will pierce a part of you as you, too, walk that sacred journey…step by step.  Please click on this link and read this compelling poem.



One thought on “WAVES OF GRAVITY by Hastywords @ https://hastywords.wordpress.com/

  1. Wow… You know I have always absolutely adored your poetry and this makes me feel like the fan that got picked to come up on stage to sing with the star. Thank you… ❤


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