DIVING DEEP by Christina Onward


“Seldom have I been so moved and captivated by a love poem flowing from the heart and soul.  Christina Onward, an incredible artist and the patroness of the popular Facebook site,  Colour Therapy  (#colourtherapy) writes so passionately and vulnerable in this beautiful poem. Some guy (?) is very,  very lucky!”

In morning glows
And sunset heights,
In dreamtime seconds,
Outside walks,
In sounds of heart
And tumbling world…
You are to me
Like ocean waves,
The burst of foam
Hitting the brick walls
In the winter storms.

Your words devour me
Bit by bit
I have no shields to get me covered with…
Your voice envelops me
So tight
In heated, frightened whispers
I cannot but relent
With happy beats of heart
Afraid and never sure
If holding you will help me rise
Or drawn forever…

To me you are
The water blues.
When hit by waves
I’m diving deep
With no more weapons in defeat…
I fall to you … as you are laying
The ocean blue light in your eyes
The calm embrace
The sweet caress
The silent magic
Loss of breath…

I seek myself
In Deniz blues
The borders of my heart fall all
To you… I will surrender?

You are to me
The sands that lay deep down the blues.

In secret silence
Holding truths
Scared to know the whole of you
With shivering hands…
I touch the bottom you
And feel the pain, the strength, the ploy
The little, trembling bits of joy

I take my steps in silent worry
What if I hurt your sands
And you will run from there?

…so smooth you are beneath the oceans’ blue
So wide and deep is all in you
If I could only watch
And never change
The gold deep down inside of you!
Let me surrender
Breathe in you
Make me your life
Let us be you.


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