DIVING DEEP by Christina Onward


“Seldom have I been so moved and captivated by a love poem flowing from the heart and soul.  Christina Onward, an incredible artist and the patroness of the popular Facebook site,  Colour Therapy  (#colourtherapy) writes so passionately and vulnerable in this beautiful poem. Some guy (?) is very,  very lucky!”

In morning glows
And sunset heights,
In dreamtime seconds,
Outside walks,
In sounds of heart
And tumbling world…
You are to me
Like ocean waves,
The burst of foam
Hitting the brick walls
In the winter storms.

Your words devour me
Bit by bit
I have no shields to get me covered with…
Your voice envelops me
So tight
In heated, frightened whispers
I cannot but relent
With happy beats of heart
Afraid and never sure
If holding you will help me rise
Or drawn forever…

To me you are
The water blues.
When hit by waves
I’m diving deep
With no more weapons in defeat…
I fall to you … as you are laying
The ocean blue light in your eyes
The calm embrace
The sweet caress
The silent magic
Loss of breath…

I seek myself
In Deniz blues
The borders of my heart fall all
To you… I will surrender?

You are to me
The sands that lay deep down the blues.

In secret silence
Holding truths
Scared to know the whole of you
With shivering hands…
I touch the bottom you
And feel the pain, the strength, the ploy
The little, trembling bits of joy

I take my steps in silent worry
What if I hurt your sands
And you will run from there?

…so smooth you are beneath the oceans’ blue
So wide and deep is all in you
If I could only watch
And never change
The gold deep down inside of you!
Let me surrender
Breathe in you
Make me your life
Let us be you.



Beauty, I’m told
comes from within
From the depth of the heart, 
not from the skin
From fierce independence 
softened by grace
From the splendor of hope, 
not just the face

I didn’t see this coming, 
yet I accept it as true
I was seeking my equal 
the day I found you
When I look in your eyes, 
my heart is inspired
And I think to myself, 
“She is filled with such fire!”

I was captured by beauty, 
but I’m held by respect
For what makes you strong 
makes you perfect
I’d gift you my heart 
and my soul, if you please
If you walk by my side, 
not to follow or lead

Perhaps one day 
we’ll share deep love and desire
Built not upon beauty, 
but these strengths I admire


She whispered softly in my ear
such tender words to ease my pain;
soothing verse to calm my fears.
Though, she was gone when morning came,

The essence of her love remains!
Here even in my darkest hour
soft echoes of her song sustains,
which fills me with a lasting power.

Where has she gone? my life unwinds!
If I must die, I’m so resigned,
for dying unites and gently binds
my heart to hers, two souls entwined.

She filled me with a lasting breath;
Once more within my arms I hold
the height of love, its width, its breadth,
spanning dreams that now unfold

So cast me down into death’s abyss,
But allow once more her lips to kiss.
I shall not pray for more than this –
Once more I love…eternal bliss



Whole platters of
Handled timidly by
of desire.

Carelessly slipping
Through now
Trembling fingers,
Once bold and sure.

Tumbling beyond
Last moment grasps,
End over end,
Sadly spewing its
Delicious contents
in a hopeless
Death spiral.

Nothing remains
but a shattering
to the cold, hard
Floorboards of reality.
Love is a many
Splintered thing.


Lovers and Dancers

In Spring she danced with her true love
Each step in softness, lights descending
From the silver rays of moon above
Terpsichore's guidance never-ending.
Summer found her slightly winded
Though to her lover’s hand she held
And while this dance more quickly ended,
Within his arms all fears were quelled.
Upon a chilled wind Fall did follow
Fatigued, she cried, “No more to dance!”
He prayed to her beloved, Apollo,
“What price secures another chance?”
In Winter’s snow she found her rest
His tears upon her funeral pyre;
Now holding close within his chest
One final dance, his heart’s desire.