Of Waking Dreams

I had thought myself awoken,
though in truth caught within a waking dream –
you lying naked and warm within my
fevered embrace; your arms but
tender branches cradling my desires
and youthful anxieties.

The gray and veiled mist of morning
dusting your trembling salted lips, and one
kiss to melt the dew; each breath
an exhalation of promise and possibility
Silken strands of your fragrant hair
run in random rivulets across my pillow;
Your porcelain cheek presses lightly
upon my chest, and I cannot but
weep deep within my sleep as I
drift slowly upward through the ether
of my dreams.

I am awake now, as
my midnight reverie quickly dissipates,
and all the worse, I am alone once more.
Cursed dreams and cursed more the waking
thereof – for I cannot suffer this loss nightly,
nor will I ever love as deeply.

Omnipresent Love

If flowers bloom when summer ends, their fragrance rising, too,
These I, on bended knee would give, and even more to you.
Celestial stars and distant moons I’ve gathered up for thee –
And as the angels sweetly sing, profess your love to me.

The tides should rise and surely ebb with every breath you take;
Each heartbeat to mine own entwined, a passion full awake!
Softly pressing palm to palm, our fingers tightly laced,
Pulling closer, closer still, a warm and tight embrace.

Each minute to the hour unwinds, and still the night unfolds
Timeless and eternal as we lay in sweet repose.
The morning comes on the rising sun, our love in warm reflection
Whispering low, we are even so lost in introspection.

Such is our love, so tightly stitched, the seams appear transparent –
And to the world our vows are writ in verse now made apparent.

The Speed of Life

I’ve threaded the needle once or twice
And paid the price for my sacrifice.
But now old age has tempered me
I’m not the man I used to be.
When I was younger, or so it seemed,
I still had strength and hopeful dreams;
With youthful promise I fought for love –
Reached for the heaven and stars above
Countless days lost in desire,
Lived to set the world on fire.
But now my time has much diminished:
Where once I started, now I’m finished
Youthful dreams do mock my nights
I now awaken to winter lights.
My life unfolds in finite measure,
Robbed of all the things I treasure.
The circle of life has run its course,
And to this point I reinforce:
Don’t lay to waste each given day –
For all too soon we fade away.

Sandmen and Lovers

A lover’s dream
is seldom
a place of rest.

To seek solace
in night’s slumber
when the soul burns
so very hot with passion
is not only the ambition
of fools,
but a senseless surrender
to the merciless whims
of faceless and taunting sandmen.

Sandmen are noisy, impish
creatures of the night;
creeping elves of mischief
preying without remorse
upon any Romeo
who would foolishly seek
the false serenity
of love-drenched sleep.

Sandmen are always laughing,
as well they should,
at the provocative union
of love and dreams.

The temptations are too great.

Beware then
torch-bearers of unspent desire –
never surrender
frustrated consciousness
to the trust and care
of such cruel artisans
such as those
that paint your dreams.

Lost Innocence

Like a child’s lost innocence
that time and nature steal away,
without the slightest reverence
or sympathy for child’s play.

So do we, in love’s all knowing
pay once more this price for growing.

We brush away our young one’s tears
when life becomes demanding,
and offer in those tender years
a gentle understanding;

Yet we as lovers, slaves to passion,
lose our touch for such compassion.

We dream as children, trouble free;
careless nightly visions
as children’s dreams were meant to be
before life’s cruel revision.

That lover’s can’t makes perfect sense
for dreams belong to innocents.

Our children have so much to teach
and we so much to learn:
that childhood beyond our reach
is innocence lost, and common sense earned.

Life must demand this sacrifice,
but still, it hurts to pay it twice.

Do Not Be Afraid

Do not be afraid
to lose yourself in me.

My hands are strong,
yet gentle
and, if need be,
I shall carry you
within the calm shadows
of my love.

Do not be afraid
to laugh with me;
the warmth of my love for you
I gather from the
rainbows of your smile.

Do not be afraid to cry with me
when life overwhelms you;
I will gather your tears
within the well of my understanding
and pour them carefully
upon the fires of your fear.

Do not be afraid
to live with me;
I will build for you a home
with floors of tender mercy,
Walls of compassion,
ceilings of hope,
and windows of promise.

Do not be afraid
to die with me;
I will lead you through
the dark forests of your doubt
until the bright meadows
of forever rise beneath our feet
and the cool waters of eternity
swallows our souls, together.