Love Is A Many Splintered Thing



Whole platters of
Handled timidly by
of desire.

Carelessly slipping
Through now
Trembling fingers,
Once bold and sure.

Tumbling beyond
Last moment grasps,
End over end,
Sadly spewing its
Delicious contents
in a hopeless
Death spiral.

Nothing remains
but a shattering
to the the cold, hard
Floorboards of reality.

Love is a many
Splintered thing.


First Love

She was my first love
Beautiful, tall and fragile
Everything I know of love
She taught me.

I lost myself within her
beauty and was too often
drunk with her laughter.
She loved me.

I dreamt of her nightly
and I awoke each day
with visions of her smile.
She held me.

We held hands and with
each touch, my knees went weak;
The essence of her
flowed through me like water.
She enchanted me.

Then one cruel day,
she left me.
No word, no reason, no clue.
I was lost and confused.
She hurt me.