Beneath Her Radiant Light and Gentle Touch

Dedicated to my Friend

I hear she is so radiant and magnificent that,
like the face of the Sun,
you dare not look at her
for the brilliance with which she shines.

I have not seen her,
but in my dreams comes the vibrant image
of love and warmth nonetheless.

I awaken bathed in a sheen of sweat,
and my eyes burn from
the memory of her dazzling light.

She has the strength of a tender vine
coiling upward around the dying oak
anchoring in place, for the last moments,
something that was once beautiful and majestic.

That is me – once beautiful and majestic
dying beneath her grace and beauty
as she holds me up to her beaming light.

I cannot – I will not surrender life
beneath her radiant light and gentle touch –
even if only in my dreams.

The Absence of You

I want you every second,
every minute, every hour of the day

I am flooded by an agony…
a physical longing for you…
brought to my knees by a craving
for your nearness and your touch.

Through tear-clenched eyelids,
I try hard to imagine your lips on mine.
If I could only hear your laughter,
the sound of your voice once more!

Nothing and no one, anywhere or anytime
could kill the love I have and hold  for you.
I have surrendered my individuality,
the very essence of my being to you.

I have surrendered to you my body
time after time to treat as you pleased,
to tear in pieces if such had been your will.

My spirit never seems as joyful
as when I remember the kisses you gave me.
All the hoardings of my imagination
I have laid bare to you…
There isn’t a recess of my soul
into which you haven’t penetrated.

I have clung to you and caressed you and slept with you
and I would like to tell the whole world I exist for you.

What strength have I that I may bear it,
that I may endure the absence of you?
Is my strength the strength of stones
that can wait for your return?

You are my mistress and I am your lover.
Kingdoms and empires and governments have tottered
succumbed before now to that mighty combination:

“I love you” –
the most powerful of sentiment
and words ever uttered in this world.

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