Wrath of the Phoenix


Laugh at my misfortune, rejoice in my defeat:
Plunder that which I hold dear, for I am incomplete!

My foolishness brings you delight, my tears a source of glee;
Be careful though, for you don’t know, what price your victory.
The constellations whirl and spin, my time, now lost, will come again!
And who among you then will stand, when I regain the upper hand?

You say I’ve lost my vision; I’m blind to better days?
Perhaps, somehow, but even now, I’m breaking through this haze.
Be merciful, restrain your dance, my day will come again…
Watch yourself, you’ve had your chance; my star once more ascends!
And in its glowing light, my foe, my victory unfolds;
I’ll rise again, even though; my story now is left untold.

Laugh at my misfortune, rejoice in my defeat
Plunder that which I hold dear, for I am incomplete!

Your arrogance will catch you up and lay you at my altar;
Implore me now, in that somehow, I overlook this falter!
Be gone you fools, don’t stoke my fires
With your evil deeds, your foolish desires –
A brand new day has just now broken; I fear the worst, it’s true
With urgent speed, you should recede, I’m coming now for you!

Tori’s Song

This darkness haunts an angel’s dreams
As fear descends on broken wings,
Yet, still is found the courage here
To carry on, to persevere.

The pain I feel is real and deep,
The scars I bear are mine to keep:
But in my heart I sing this song;
I persevere, I carry on.

I bear the burdens placed on me;
The anguish and the agony,
I do not offer up a tear –
I carry on, I persevere.

Despite the miles beneath my feet
My journey here is not complete;
I’ll find a way to right this wrong,
To persevere, to carry on.

I never doubt my inner power
To stay the lateness of the hour
To overcome my deepest fears;
I carry on, I persevere.

The years unfold in symmetry –
My life is as it ought to be:
Though weak in flesh, my faith is strong
I’ve persevered, I’ve carried on.