Intoxicated Moon

Written in collaboration with Hastywords

This would be a long night
of which love is only a part.
In the ecstasies of this vineyard.
everybody is intoxicated!

Rifts play in measured beat,
glances drifting all about –
inhibitions pouring out:
everybody is intoxicated!

Taking the blooms in their hearts,
singing and dancing suggestively.
Longing for arms in tight embrace
the shelter of passion within this place.

The music gets louder, pounding harder,
Hypnotic suggestions devised.
Grinding movements improvised;
Drunken lust within this place.

Glistening sweat with no regret
libidos swimming in pools of ecstasy;
Lips and tongues insanely wet
The voyeur moon on flesh reflects.

Bodies dark and mysterious
Shadows outlining sexual choreography
Random hungry appetites
Partaking of the moonlit delights

Hear the song echoing;
muted passion sirens lilting lightly across
the dim-lit chasms of melded minds;
sexual interludes conducted in sigh-minor.

The Absence of You

Yesterday was full of temptation
And I too weak to resist
This morning I’m starved for salvation
But contrition just doesn’t exist

I’m lost in a sweet reverie
Of perfume and a burgundy kiss
And the lure of a cheap memory
From a night entangled in bliss

We shared everything but our names
And the promise to meet come tomorrow
I’m undone and no longer the same
Except for shame and the sorrow

In the cool light of day I reflect
Was it all but a passionate dream?
Shall I remember or shall I regret?
Was it loving or was it just mean?

I’m left where I started…alone
And I guess that will always be true
Emptiness can’t fill a man’s home
Except with the absence of you.

Lover’s Delight

With desire spent, we leave the night
Our bodies bathed in morning’s light
Our limbs entwined like climbing vines
Our kisses sweet like summer wine

 Our spirits soar, our hearts set free
Beneath a verdant canopy
Of flowering trees and running streams
Of fragrant winds and lazy dreams

Such sorrow shall we one day know
When either you, or I, shall go
And leave the other to sorely miss
This warm embrace,  this soulful kiss

 As the sunrise drives the darkened night
and sunlight fades the  starry light
So does this love in ardent gladness
Dispel the weight of parting’s sadness

But let us in this moment know
One final bout in passion’s throe
And leave the morrow to the night
This moment now is our delight


Eternally Yours

My heart’s desire is a midnight fire
and a harvest moon to shine
upon your face in this special place
with a half full glass of wine.

You’ve given me sweet memories
and nights of passions fire –
You’ve played for me sweet symphonies
while quenching my desire.

Each day with you brings something new
each night a different dream
Our lives entwined throughout all time
whatever love will bring.

Be Still My Love

Be still my love.

There now, can you hear it?

within the shadows
of our mingled selves,
softly rising
upon the rhythms of our breath.

Rest now, sweet angel of love.
Lie spent upon my breast
and listen;
surrender to the
symphony of our souls.

Feel your senses
to the chords
of desire’s keyboard;
delicate fingers
upon colored notes
within the crimson chambers
of our dream-soaked hearts.

Hear the song
muted passion sirens
lilting lightly across
the dim-lit chasms
of our melded minds;
musical interludes
in sigh-minor.

See the trees
laughing willows of lust
sweeping low over
our embrace;
bending sensuously to us
in morning’s whispered light.

Taste the waters
melting fantasies
washing over our
quenched, naked forms,
cascading into deep pools
of ecstasy.

Smell the frangrance
desires fully blossomed
with petals of relief
falling, simply drifting
from the branches
or our love.

Touch the ribbons
colors blending
behind love-clenched eyelids;
blinding pastel visions,
stretching, softly binding
soul to soul
in evening’s brief rapture.

Sleep deep, my love.

Carry this lullaby
your hazy slumber, and rest.
In the cool, gray light
of morning
we will write another.

A Many Splintered Thing







Whole platters of
Handled timidly by
of desire.

Carelessly slipping
Through now
Trembling fingers,
Once bold and sure.

Tumbling beyond
Last moment grasps,
End over end,
Sadly spewing its
Delicious contents
in a hopeless
Death spiral.

Nothing remains
but a shattering
to the the cold, hard
Floorboards of reality.

Love is a many
Splintered thing.

Lost Innocence

Like a child’s lost innocence
that time and nature steal away,
without the slightest reverence
or sympathy for child’s play.

So do we, in love’s all knowing
pay once more this price for growing.

We brush away our young one’s tears
when life becomes demanding,
and offer in those tender years
a gentle understanding;

Yet we as lovers, slaves to passion,
lose our touch for such compassion.

We dream as children, trouble free;
careless nightly visions
as children’s dreams were meant to be
before life’s cruel revision.

That lover’s can’t makes perfect sense
for dreams belong to innocents.

Our children have so much to teach
and we so much to learn:
that childhood beyond our reach
is innocence lost, and common sense earned.

Life must demand this sacrifice,
but still, it hurts to pay it twice.

Silent and Eternal

I still love you; still need you every day
just to breath, to rise and be alive.
But you must not expect me to
ramble on about the world outside
or the pain inside; I am not wired that
Take comfort in my silence and my nearness to you,
it’s all I can do with what is left within.
You need validation, and I can give you that
I just can’t give you insight; I have none.
“It’s a man thing!” you cry, but I
am as far from that as you are from my words.
It’s a sad thing, and I would wish it not so,
but it’s the one thing I don’t possess.
If you must embrace more than my face
then, please, take the time to read what I
write. It will inform you, though probably not
warm you. For that, fall into my spent arms.
They will always be there for you.
“You don’t love me, you don’t love me,” daily
goes the triad. I comb your hair and caress
your skin near the fire, and for hours my eyes
lock upon yours. We simply spell differently,
I will live my life upon one knee, if in doing so
you could understand. What I know about love
I’ve gathered from your touch, your voice, your
I can only give you everything. Please don’t ask
for more.

You Rescued Me

You took me in when I was broken; bound me up with soft words spoken
Healed my pain with a gentle touch; held me tight when it was too much
Dried my tears with your velvet hair; showed me just how much you cared
You offered hope when I had none; warmed me better than the sun
Sheltered me when I was alone; whispered words I’d never known
You took away the worst of me, filled my life with ecstasy
You gave to me the best of you; offered up a world restored and new
Gave to me so many chances; overlooked my circumstances
Lifted me beyond the stars; and now look where we are
I had built myself a one room home and dared to live there all alone
No windows out from which to see; a lonely, empty destiny
You tore it down and rescued me; unlocked my soul and set me free.