In the morning shadows, pine trees sway
As the ocean coats each with spray
The sun arises and warms the shores
The moistened wind blows no more
The creatures of the night within their lairs
And the moon and stars prepare the stairs
Awakening, I take it in
Another poem, I write again.


Stars descend on blackened veils
Guiding my steps to the ocean’s swell
Waves swallowed whole by gold sands porous
A symphony’s repeating chorus
As the moon reflects its softened light
The summer winds caress the night
My thoughts turn toward the heavenly spiral
Of shooting stars and earth’s denial
My eyes ascend to northern lights
While thoughts unformed take sudden flight
Carry me toward a heavenly vision
As my soul begins a new revision
Eyes once blind now clearly see
This single moment is lifting me
Beyond a life of imperfection
And giving me a new direction