Behold, My Light

lighthouse 2

Behold, my light so brightly burning
Guiding wayward sailors home.
Covered in breaking waves now churning
Battered ‘neath the angry foam

Awake, my Captain; tend my fire
The ships are blind upon the sea
Night has come so dark and dire
Bring them safely home to me

Push back your fear and never fail me
Do not tarry, nor think twice
No time for prayers on bended knee
The sea demands her sacrifice

Many a keeper survived the commotion
Tending my flame with ardent care
Many more forever lost to the ocean
Swept from my winding, icy stair

I am the hope of every seamen,
Warning of the rock and shoal,
And you, my Captain, tend my beacon
With all your heart and weary soul.

You Rescued Me

You took me in when I was broken; bound me up with soft words spoken
Healed my pain with a gentle touch; held me tight when it was too much
Dried my tears with your velvet hair; showed me just how much you cared
You offered hope when I had none; warmed me better than the sun
Sheltered me when I was alone; whispered words I’d never known
You took away the worst of me, filled my life with ecstasy
You gave to me the best of you; offered up a world restored and new
Gave to me so many chances; overlooked my circumstances
Lifted me beyond the stars; and now look where we are
I had built myself a one room home and dared to live there all alone
No windows out from which to see; a lonely, empty destiny
You tore it down and rescued me; unlocked my soul and set me free.