This poem contains 18 words that have been deemed the most  
sensual in the English language, the most soothing on the tongue.  
See if you can identify which words these are


she was
seductive and transcendent
demure and evanescent
lost in the shifting shadows of sexual sensations
her chatoyant gaze, her dulcet smile
she was erstwhile my beloved fixation

her words kissed my ears
imbuing my imagination
with fugacious desire

her touch left vestigial sensations
demanding a desultory and deep dalliance
her lissome lips lilting softly
ineffable moments transcending opulence
something surreptitious and sumptuous
serene, slavish, and sexy


Torn Masculinity

There’s a solid
in my bones;
an emptiness that
won’t leave me
alone as i consider
choices i have made
in this
my life’s far too
noisy parade.

Is a man all
he is made out to be,
and if so
just who
must do the making?

Is a tear
drawn from some
remembered hurt
easily erased
as it draws its line
down across
his torn masculinity,
drawing his yesterdays
to a breaking?

Can it be
covered up
with a well writ poem
or drunk to
with any wine?