Tori’s Song

This darkness haunts an angel’s dreams
As fear descends on broken wings,
Yet, still is found the courage here
To carry on, to persevere.

The pain I feel is real and deep,
The scars I bear are mine to keep:
But in my heart I sing this song;
I persevere, I carry on.

I bear the burdens placed on me;
The anguish and the agony,
I do not offer up a tear –
I carry on, I persevere.

Despite the miles beneath my feet
My journey here is not complete;
I’ll find a way to right this wrong,
To persevere, to carry on.

I never doubt my inner power
To stay the lateness of the hour
To overcome my deepest fears;
I carry on, I persevere.

The years unfold in symmetry –
My life is as it ought to be:
Though weak in flesh, my faith is strong
I’ve persevered, I’ve carried on.