Goodbye Beneath the Redwoods

The redwoods swayed softly;
their crowns in the planets,
toes tucked below soft earth
under carpets of wet needles
beneath our feet. 

This is how we said our soft goodbyes.

Our love, our forever love,
lay smoldering in the fire.
I could see the flames flickering
in her dampened eyes. 

I looked away, ashamed and afraid;
too much the coward to own her pain. 

She said it was the smoke –
one final lie to comfort me.

We speak in the soft, cordial tones of defeat
the air hanging heavy and silent between us.
Neither of us could hear the babbling brook
gently washing away the last remnants of hope. 

I will hold back my tears,
and the wrenching of my heart,
for the long, dark lonely nights ahead.  

Tonight, my love, my forever lost love,
let us wrest some comfort and warmth
from the dying embers of this bitter fire. 

Beneath these redwoods gently swaying
gather one last bouquet of memories
to set us on our separate ways.

Nature’s Aria


Receive the sibilant symphony
of sunset’s twilight serenade –
a  cacophony of chirping crickets,
and grass-green geckos cheeping
within frost-flocked ferns
and flower-flecked foliage.

The shrill shriek of the osprey
slices the silence of the summer sky
beneath the bass beat of barnyard owls
hoot-hooting hallowed hallelujahs
in consonance with coyotes chanting
their mournful moonlight wail.

Dissonant and chaotic,
harmonic and serene,
nature’s love songs echoing
across gurgling moss-banked streams
against granite-faced mountains
silhouetted sentinels standing
behind the moon-misted
shroud of the falling night

Midnight Floods


The crumbling, mossy stone-bridge
achingly arches over the murky river
like a rusted rainbow over
staled expectations.
Its stooped railings still
tingle at the memory of
all the hands
– hopeful, sprightly, enraged,
tired, frightened, infatuated-
touching them.
The water drags its gray tongue
between the cheerless banks,
while muddy blades of grass
huddle up under a senile
weeping willow that
can’t remember whom
was it weeping for.
The grotesque conspiracy
of the weather elements
has muddied the daylight.
Endless, rainy, muddy night!

The Drowning

I have written
and written ‘till the tides roll in –
wave after wave
with each word flailing helpless
in the crashing surf. Similes pounded into
fine sand, while my metaphors are drug out
to unfathomable waters to sink.
I have cut my feet on the whitest coral
as slender crimson threads on paper shells spill into verse.
Beneath the surface a desperate kicking propels each
line upward for air. Clownfish nibble at my intent,
while ropes of seaweed strangle my meaning.
My muse sings like a distant siren and I am dashed
upon jagged rocks.
I am no poet or writer to contend, but my voice seeks purchase.
This poem is drowning and there is little hope of rescue.


Stars descend on blackened veils
Guiding my steps to the ocean’s swell
Waves swallowed whole by gold sands porous
A symphony’s repeating chorus
As the moon reflects its softened light
The summer winds caress the night
My thoughts turn toward the heavenly spiral
Of shooting stars and earth’s denial
My eyes ascend to northern lights
While thoughts unformed take sudden flight
Carry me toward a heavenly vision
As my soul begins a new revision
Eyes once blind now clearly see
This single moment is lifting me
Beyond a life of imperfection
And giving me a new direction


The ground beneath my feet rumbles. Softly at first
and then with each step increasing in its timbre
The air is damp and mossy with a gray light
filtering through the canopy of spruce and pine.

Wet thunder rises and my ears are muted
by the intensity of a river plummeting over
slick rock lips; a roiling, massive death
spiral. Half the volume swan dives elegantly
hundreds of feet into a pounding foaming white pool, while my
own heart matches the outpouring, beat for beat.
The other hangs mistily in the frigid air, gently
nourishing the brown-green algae with its spit.

I cannot help but marvel at the sheer anger of it all
wondering how many open-mouthed bass,
thrust forth into open space, gargolyed eyed as
the river disappears beneath them, recognize this,
the end of their swim? Death, anger, power…and yet
so serenely beautiful. Rage onward, Snoqualmie, before
the winter’s freeze deprives you of your liquid dance.